EcoStim™ Waterless & Sand-free Well Stimulation

EcoStim™ is a waterless and sand-free well stimulation technology that can open new fractures in a reservoir while eliminating major environmental concerns associated with traditional well stimulation. The U.S. uses more than 175 million gallons of water per day for conventional stimulation. We use NONE.


EcoStim™ can improve production by removing skin damage while fracturing a formation and providing operational and environmental advantages.

Sand-free Fracturing

EcoStim™ requires no sand proppant, avoiding supply shortages and delays for the sand needed with hydraulic fracturing

Who We Are

We are a Canadian energy and environmental technology company focused on the development of cutting-edge tools and disruptive technologies to address the most pressing problems facing the energy industry. Our breakthrough technology allows for economically efficient and environmentally friendly energy generation and resource recovery – without the need for water or proppant – optimizing value for a broad range of energy companies. We achieve progress on sustainability by assuring water integrity by eliminating water in the process, reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) and environmental impacts with orders of magnitude improvements in logistics operations, and accelerating implementation of efficient production of transitional and future energy sources.

Our Solutions

Our waterless well simulation solution couples a patent-pending tool incorporating a revolutionary zone-isolation mechanism with a safe customized solid rocket propellant to improve well-stimulating efficiency while addressing the escalating technical and environmental concerns associated with conventional operations. We assure water integrity and eliminate induced seismicity. Our technology also has potential applications for use in next-generation energy production and even potentially for carbon sequestration applications

Disruptive Technology

Our successfully demonstrated technology eliminates requirements for water, proppant sand, and wastewater recycling and disposal. Our technology increases the permeability of rock formations and improves overall well performance – all without water or proppant. We provide game-changing field deployment logistics, along with lowering ongoing operating costs through reductions in both production equipment failure rates and transportation costs.


Eliminates water and sand use

No water and no sand eliminates the need for purchase, transport and storage.

Less onsite equipment

Only a rig and our truck required vs dozens for well stimulation operations.

Eliminates wastewater recovery/recycling/disposal

As we use no water, none is contaminated, so there is no recovery, recycling or disposal required.


Improved production rates

Increased permeability potential with extended multiple new radial fractures.

Improved economics

Every aspect of our solution is geared to improving operator economics.


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