EcoStim™: Waterless and Sand-free Well Stimulation

Our solution couples a proprietary solid rocket propellant with a patent-pending state-of-the-art downhole tool. This unique combination induces stress waves and sustains pressure powerful enough to fracture rock.

Well Stimulation Using Safe Proprietary Custom Solid Rocket Propellant

Our disruptive patent-pending technology solution leverages proven propellant stimulation techniques.

Economically-Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly

wdt_ID Description RocketFrac Conventional
1 Water Requirement Only existing well bore fluids Average of 5 million gallons/well
2 Fracture Length Up to 30 m Up to 30 m
3 Fracture Pattern 4-8 radial fractures 2 radially opposed fractures
4 Peak Pressure 40,000 PSI Minimum pressure (~5,000 PSI) to overcome overburden on the formation
5 Pressure Event Duration Up to 20 seconds 10 - 100 minutes
6 Proppant Requirement Self-propping 2,500,000 – 20,000,000 pounds of sand / well
7 Applications New wells, re-entries and damaged completions New wells, re-entries (with specialized casing)
8 On Site Personnel 2 - 3 20-30+
9 Equipment 2 Units Multiple pumpers, mixers, storage and water tanks
10 Logistics Same day logistics, well insertion, and back in operation Complex logistical setup, then operationally multiple hours or even days
Description RocketFrac Conventional

Mechanics of Propellant vs Conventional Fracture Propagation

Fracturing with solid rocket propellant uses similar principles as conventional  fracturing: exert tremendous pressure in order to break rock. However, rather than pumping water from the surface to create pressure, propellant fracturing generates high-pressure gases through the controlled burn of solid rocket propellant.

Despite the apparent similarities in methodology, the different time-scales involved with each approach lead to a significant difference in the mechanics of fracture propagation.

Our Patent-pending Tool

Our tool contains state of art technology to isolate the high pressure created by the exhaust gases generated due to the deflagration of solid rocket fuel to the zone of interest. To enable these gases at very high pressure to propagate into the zone of interest and stimulate the reservoir


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