Our technology enhances performance and provides operational, economic, and environmental advantages.

Patent-pending and Proprietary Technology

Use of propellant to stimulate production offers a full range of operational, economic, and environmental advantages over traditional hydraulic fracturing in many applications. These begin with eliminating the use of water, of proppant sand, and of the need for wastewater recycling and disposal, and extend to improving field deployment logistics, along with lowering ongoing operating costs through reductions in both production equipment failure rates and transportation costs.

These existing propellant fracturing technologies have been successfully deployed in thousands of wells. However, despite their success, existing tools can only be used for short-duration treatments in vertical wells. These limitations have prevented widespread adoption.

RocketFrac’s isolation tool offers a completely new approach to propellant fracturing, featuring a range of innovations for potentially disruptive improvements in performance.  The advantages of RocketFrac’s patent-pending tool begin with fracture zone isolation for unprecedented propellant fracturing performance.


Eliminates water and sand use

No water and no sand eliminates the need for purchase, transport and storage.

Less onsite equipment

Only a rig and our truck required vs dozens for well stimulation operations.

Eliminates wastewater recovery/recycling/disposal

As we use no water, none is contaminated, so there is no recovery, recycling or disposal required.

Improved production rates

Increased permeability potential with extended multiple new radial fractures.

Improved economics

Every aspect of our solution is geared to improving operator economics.

Tool Innovation with Revolutionary Isolation Mechanism

The uniqueness of the RocketFrac tool is its ability to deliver long duration pressure profiles to specifically targeted zones, thanks to RocketFrac’s unique isolation mechanism.

The tool and its integrated sealing mechanisms are:

  • Automatically deployed
  • Fully capable of containing the tremendous pressure generated by solid propellant
  • Designed for easy removal from wells
  • Reusable

And RocketFrac has collaboratively worked with its supplier in developing a proprietary custom blend of solid rocket propellant specifically to take advantage of the performance improvements available in conjunction with operation of this new tool.

    Oilfield-Specific Tool Design and Environmentally Responsible Propellant Formulation

    RocketFrac also designed the tool and its operation to be simple in its deployment and fully functional in both vertical and horizontal wells.

    RocketFrac has the first tool to use a specially formulated proprietary propellant to achieve optimum pressure profiles for well stimulation. The propellant and initiation mechanisms are built specifically for use on wellsites, and are fully compliant with all oilfield safety requirements. RocketFrac’s propellant is safe to handle and transport, and generates no harmful byproducts.


    Reduced recovery costs

    Pre-production time and logistics requirements drastically reduced.

    Enhances operational reliability

    No sand minimizes production equipment MBTF and maintenance cycles are extended.

    Dramatically lower labor costs

    Onsite personnel requirements slashed.

    Reusable tool efficiency

    Our reusable tool minimizes costs and enhances turnaround times.

    Eliminates induced seismicity

    No water means none has to be injected into other formations which eliminates those induced seismic events.

    Fast and Efficient Site Deployment

    RocketFrac’s solution is designed to be simple and straightforward for operators to deploy. Only a wireline or coil tubing rig is required for downhole deployment, as compared to dozens of trucks and complex logistics for transport of materials and supplies for hydraulic fracing. This allows substantial reduction in logistical complexity with significant reductions of time and equipment required at the wellsite resulting in considerable opportunities for cost savings.


    Requires only two trucks and no water or Frac sand

    Drilling site using Rocketfrac technology requiring no water, sand or wastewater recovery. Can be operated at a fraction of the cost of traditional hydraulic drilling sites.

    RocketFrac gives operators the ability and option to also utilize coiled tubing drilling processes.


    Requires dozens of vehicles
    and equipment

    Standard hydraulic drilling site requiring millions of gallons of water, water treatment pond, large numbers of vehicles and employees.

    RocketFrac - Economically-Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly

    Description RocketFrac Hydraulic
    On Site Personnel 2 - 3 20-30+
    Equipment 2 trucks Multiple pumpers, mixers, storage and water tanks
    Water None Up to 20 million gallons / well
    Proppant None Up to 20 million pounds / well
    Casing Requirement Cased & perfed Plug & perf, sliding sleeve
    Staging No restrictions Depends on well completion
    Duration (per Zone) Same day logistics, well insertion, and ~30 seconds in operation Complex logistical setup, then operationally multiple hours or even days
    Multiple Zones Zones in sequence Zones treated separately
    Environmental No contaminated water or harmful by-products Contaminated water must be recycled or disposed of by injection
    Infrastructure Only a couple of trucks required and safe for local infrastructure Major equipment fleet, water and proppant delivery traffic damages roads and inconveniences residents


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